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Lefrik bags and backpacks have a five-year warranty since the item is delivered.Try not to overload your Lefrik bag or save items that shouldn’t go there. If you put more stuff in your bag than recommended, the materials can stretch excessively, lose their shape and seams and other parts can be damaged.

This warranty covers failures in material and/or workmanship, but does not cover damage resulting from improper use of the product, its natural wear and tear, or if you change your mind.

For the warranty to be valid, the product must have been purchased through our website or from one of our authorized retailers, and you must provide proof of purchase.

How does it work?

If you purchased your bag at, fill out this form and include the details of your order and the description of the damage or error. If you send us photos of the problem, it will be easier for us to process the claim. Please, make sure you return your faulty product to us empty and clean. 

If you purchased your bag from a retailer, please return the faulty item to the retailer where you bought it from. 

Is your warranty already over? No worries! Write to us via our contact form and let us know what your problem is. We stock spare parts needed for the repair, so if we have the replacement needed, we will still send it to you.


At this moment, we are only able to repair bags in Madrid. But while we work to be able to provide a further service, we’ve created a collaborative map where you can find or add a repair shop near your home. This way, we are creating a net to support local shops and help customers to find a place to repair their bag.