Places and Delivery Periods

All orders are delivered using international messaging companies. FEDEX/DHL/TNT for deliveries to other destinations. For the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal) we work with KOIKI, sustainable delivery company, socially and environmentally responsible.

The delivery times are between 24 and 72 hours for the Iberian Peninsula and up to 10 working days for other destinations. They are delivered Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 19.00. Deliveries do not take place on Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays corresponding to each region or country.

However, as the fulfillment of these delivery times also depends on third parties, Lefrik cannot guarantee a period of less than 15 days. For the purposes of the Adapted Text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users approved via Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, the latter must be understood as the delivery date promised by

Deliveries will be made to the normal place of residence or work indicated by the user. We do not deliver items to post offices or hotels. You must sign the receipt when you receive your order.

Delivery Charges

AreasTariffs (VAT Included) Delivery periods
Iberian Peninsula - Spain and Portugal  Free Shipping Koiki 2-3 days
Balearic Islands 
Orders below 39,90€ - 9,90€ shipping cost

Free Shipping over 39,90€
3 -7 days
UK & IrelandOrders below 25€ - 9,90€ shipping cost

Orders from 25 to 55€ - 4,90€ shipping cost

Free shipping over 55€
5-10 days

5-10 days

5-10 days
Austria - Belgium - France - Germany - Italy - Luxembourg - Holland - Denmark - Bulgaria - Czech Republic - Hungary - Poland - Romania - Slovak - Republic Slovenia - Estonia - Finland - Greece - Latvia - Lithuania - Sweden - Cyprus - Malta - AzoresOrders below 39,90€ - 9,90€ shipping cost

Orders over 39,90€ - 5,90€ shipping cost
5-10 days

5-10 days

United StatesOrders below 100€ - 49€ shipping cost

Orders over 100€ - 24€ shipping cost

Free shipping over 200€
 5 -10 days
Rest of Europe and Canada 49€  5 -10 days
Rest of the world 62€  5 -10 days

Please note: Lefrik will not be responsible for special rates, customs duties or additional delivery costs. The prices included on this website do not include customs duties or taxes. Orders placed may be subject to customs duties and/or import taxes and charges, which will be required when the delivery arrives in its country of destination. Users are solely responsible for any additional charges at the customs office. Lefrik does not have any control over these charges nor may it predict their amount or nature.

Steps to follow

To be able to place an order you must be registered. In order to avoid problems or delays, you must complete the entire registration form (fields with *), especially the fields "Full address" and "Contact phone number".

We recommend the phone number to be a mobile phone, so that the transport company can reach you at any time.