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We provide you with this information regarding cookies under current regulation.

 What are cookies?

 Cookies are small text files stored on your computer as a result of visiting a website. The webmaster is the one that sets what kind of information that cookie contains, and the purpose of said cookie is, it also could be used by the webserver every time you visit that website. Cookies are used to save time and enhance and improve the navigation experience. Nevertheless, they can be used for various purposes that range a variety of reasons, such us login session of the content of a purchase.

 Depending on the entity managing the device:
 - Own cookies: those cookies sent to users’ computers from a device or domain managed by the editor himself/herself and from which the service requested by users is provided.
- Third party cookies: those cookies sent to users’ computer from a device or domain not managed by the editor, but by another entity that processes any data obtained through cookies.

 Types of cookies according to how long they are active:

 - Session cookies: those designed to collect and store data while users access a website. They are regularly used to store information that is only relevant with regard to the provision of the service requested by users in a single situation (for example, a list of purchased products) and which disappear once the session is closed.

 - Persistent cookies:
cookies on which data stay stored and may be accessed and processed for a period of time defined by the cookie manager, which may range from a few minutes to several years.

Cookie categories according to their purpose:

 - Technical cookies: cookies that allow users to browse a website, platform or application, and use the different options on services included on these, for instance, website traffic, data communications, session ID, accessing restricted areas, remembering elements from shopping carts, performing checkout processes faster, enrolling on a specific event, using secure navigation, or store content to share videos or sound clips through social media platforms.

 - Preferences or personalisation cookies: cookies that allow to remember information, so that users may access the service under certain conditions that distinguish their experience from that of other users, such as the language, the number of search results to be displayed, the aspect or contents of the service depending on the browser though which or the region from which it is accessed, etc.
 - Analytics or measurement cookies: cookies that allow the cookies manager to perform follow-up and analyses of user behavior at the websites to which such cookies are linked; this includes a quantitative measurement of the impact of an advertisement. Any information collected by means of this type of cookies is used to measure activity on any website, application or platform, for the purposes of introducing improvements based on the analysis of the data regarding the service use made by users.
 - Behavioral advertising cookies: cookies which store information on user behavior obtained through continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows to develop a specific profile and display advertisement appropriate to this profile.


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