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Pride Capsule Collection

Juan (@seb_bernal01), refugee, Violeta, from CEAR, & the artist Maria A (@ladyantoni__)

At Lefrik we seek to take care of the planet, but also of the people who live on it. For this reason, for yet another year we have joined forces with CEAR (Spanish Association for Refugees) to create a capsule collection that celebrates love and diversity in all its forms.

This collection was born from the collaboration between artists and refugees who, in creative pairs, have worked hand in hand to capture their message in two of our products.

The capsule consists of 4 sweatshirts and 4 backpacks whose profits will go entirely to the Shelter Solidarity Fund.

Right image: The artist Marina Anaya (@marinaanaya) with Ana Yolimar (@ym_artemanual) , refugee. Left image: The artist Lara Padilla (


The Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR) is a Spanish NGO that has been defending the right to asylum and human rights for more than 40 years, helping refugees fleeing from armed conflicts or human rights violations in their countries of origin.

The association works along two strategic lines:

1.-Social Intervention.

2.- Advocacy and Social Participation.

The artist Guisa (@guisa_rt) with Ana Rojas (@rojasanaisa), refugee.

CEAR and the LGTBIQ+ community

Hiding desires, changing one's appearance to conform to what society considers normal or having to renounce one's own identity is something that LGBTIQ+ people are forced to do. Situations of vulnerability increase for those who migrate to Spain from a non-Western country. In many cases, they are forced to flee for fear of being arrested, tortured, mistreated or even killed for the mere fact of BEING, FEELING OR LOVING.

Lesbian, gay, intersex or transgender migrants experience the same situations and have the same interests as other migrants. In addition to dealing with racial, gender, class, cultural and linguistic barriers, they face increasing obstacles because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

LGTBIQ+ people are criminalised in more than 69 countries and in 11 countries can face the death penalty. These terrible circumstances are added to other sadly common and everyday circumstances such as family rejection, problems in finding a job, harassment, threats, verbal and physical attacks, or the lack of state protection, among others.

The 28 June, an international day, is an occasion to celebrate freedom of gender and sexual identity, and to reclaim it until all people can enjoy it. No one loves, feels or is born in the wrong way, but in the wrong places. Hopefully, the time will come when the verbs BE, LOVE and FEEL will be used in all verb tenses, not only in the conditional, and our diversity will also be our refuge.

Right image: Juan, refugee. Left image: Tatiena, refugee.

With this initiative we intend to show citizens an example of inclusion thanks to collaborative workshops between local artists from Madrid and refugees from the different CEAR centres in the community and also an opportunity to create new connections, find inspiration and develop artistic skills.

All pieces are unique and will be on sale online at and in the Lefrik shop in Madrid (C/Colón, 4) while stocks last. The profits will be donated in full to CEAR. You can also collaborate with the cause through different initiatives that you can find at

Find the collection here.

For more information: @cearmadrid @cearefugio




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