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Raro x Lefrik

A Christmas limited edition

Yes, we are rare, but not half-baked: We are unique, non-transferable, different.

When we proposed this project to Lefrik, they didn't want to hear another word about it (and we hadn’t even started talking!!).

How could we even entertain the idea of soiling their perfect and pristine backpacks with our paints!!

Their bags, so cute and simple, so clean and nifty! But when they saw the first skull land on the canvas like a Martian astronaut parachutist... they whipped out a white flag and surrendered to the idea.

And so this Lefrik by The RaRo Company was born. 

And it wasn't until much later that we realized that a freaky thing is a rare thing. Such are the facts and coincidences of life. Lefrik are eco, recycled and sustainable.
That's rare and different if you ask us... We like it: when we grow up, we want to be like them.







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