We’ve prepared a little something in celebration of Pride 2020. We proposed to different illustrators to team up with Lefrik to create a PRIDE capsule that honors love and identity in all forms. We asked them to use their creativity on our bags to express their support and to help raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community.

Each of them  painted two bags and they are exhibited in our Madrid window shop. All benefits of each bag purchased will be donated to support CEAR’s campaign with LGBTQ+ communities and the #ContigoSomosRefugio campaign. Check out the link to know a bit more about their projects here.

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Why CEAR? 

In many parts of the world, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals suffer situations of risk and persecution. In many cases, they are forced to flee due to the fear of being detained, tortured, mistreated or even killed simply by being, feeling or loving.

LGTBIQ+ people are legally prosecuted in 68 countries: 11 countries punish people with same-sex sex with the death penalty and 57 countries punished them with prison terms.
In Europe, almost half of homosexuals and transsexuals have felt discriminated against; 1 in 5 felt discriminated against at work and 1 in 3 when they go out to have social activities, 2 in 5 felt harassed.

So, to celebrate Pride 2020 we are proud to work with some great illustrators in standing with refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced people worldwide and demanding justice and equality for all regardless of gender or sexual orientation.


We invite you to visit our shop in Madrid and check out their work. And for those who don't live in Madrid, you can  check it here and also buy them and contribute to the cause!

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