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Welcome to our community — a network of people who share our love for nature, travel, sustainable living and care about the planet. 

Want to become a Lefrik ambassador? Congrats!, we are looking for people like you! Read on to know more.

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Why should you join?
You’ll get some amazing sustainable backpacks and accessories.
You’ll get an exclusive 10% discount code to share with your followers.
The possibility to be featured on #lefrikonyou on our Instagram profile and our website.

Our expectations
We want to collaborate with content creators who are passionate about sustainability or other similar causes as we are, whose audience can relate and inspire positive change.

Let’s start!
Please apply below with a link to your Instagram profile.

To learn more about our practices, check out our Commitment section here.


@suhedanur - Capsule Multi Navy

@luckysmoky - Mountain Tobacco

@peknebyvat - Handy Tobacco

@tamarka.horn - Scout Multi Pink

@romanasismisova - Handy Black

@alisa.koz - Gold Beat Grey

@psychojamz - Roll Garnet

@ceri.lloyd - Gold Beat Dust Pink

@nicolasbaldini_ - Billy Bag Black

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