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June 5th - World Enviroment Day: Real acting 

On June 5th, World Environment Day is celebrated and, continuing with our commitment to reduce our footprint on the environment and our association with 1% FOR THE PLANET, on May 5th we made a donation to the Emys Foundation. 

It is a non-profit environmental entity dedicated to the conservation of nature, and more specifically of wetlands and the Emys orbicularis (species of tortoise endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, whose conservation status is threatened). 

Where has our donation gone? We made a donation that the Foundation has earmarked for the promotion of High Natural Value agriculture.

Fundació Emys, since its inception, has worked with farmers in its immediate territory to promote practices that are not only ecological, but also respectful of the environment and that promote biodiversity. High Nature Value Farming (HNV) is agriculture that can sustain high levels of biodiversity. This agriculture is promoted through the interactions that occur from the combination between vegetations of different types in mosaic or the combination of agriculture and livestock, among others.

Lefrik's donation is intended to be able to carry out advice and implement systems such as these on farms of producers in custody with the entity, and to carry out dissemination and awareness actions for them.

For more information on the actions carried out by the Foundation in this area, you can visit this article published on the Fundació Emys website






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