Candle Tides 200ml


 A unique blend of natural essential oils and absolutes infused in a base of responsibly sourced packing and ingredients. 

"TIDES" is inspired by the rise and fall of the ocean's water caused by the interaction between the moon and the sun. A bright and grounding scent that reflects how nature touches us: the warmth of the sun on our skin, the ethereal beauty of the moonlight and the invigorating aromas of the breeze. 

This candle was born out of a collaboration with sustainable accessories brand ELM RD, based on our shared values of sustainability, craftsmanchip and kindness. A unique blend of natural essential oils and absolutes infused in a base od rapessed wax. Made using recyclable and responsability sourced packaging and ingredients.


Contains: 200 ml / Burn time: 35hrs

Handcrafted in the UK


- TOP: Blood orange, lime.

- HEART: seaweed, jasmine, rosemary.

- BASE: pine, cypress. 


To use, simply light carefully. When done, smother the candle so that no smoke is left to trail in the air, letting the candle's aroma linger. Burn for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four to ensure that the wax burns down evenly, ready for next time. Before relighting, trim the cotton wick to a quarter of an inch (about 5 mm) to keep your scented candle in good burning shape and prevent any black smoke or soot. Only trim the wick when it is at room temperature.


Ingredients: Rapeseed wax, essential oils, absolutes and a cotton wick.

Natural Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

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