Multi Wash Bag

4x1 wash bag.
The Multi Wash Bag comes with 4 bags in the inside, all of them are removable and with waterproof lining.
Features a small strap to easily hang it anywhere.
The Multi Wash Bag keeps your small stuff organized and handy in your short or long trips.
Water resistant.
Carry handles.
Zipper closure.
Waterproof lining.
Super lightweight.
Shell material: Recycled polyester from PET-bottles with durable, waterproof and TPE coating
Lining material: Recycled polyester from PET-bottles
Main Bag: 22x22x10cm
Large Bag: 19x12x8cm
Medium Bag: 19x12x4cm
Small Bag: 19x6, 5x4cm
Flat Bag: 19x10cm
Color: Navy

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